The Fun Bit - Planting

After nearly two weeks with water in it is starting to go green, as expected.
The stone-faced liner had been glued down to stop the edges floating around, hence the pebbles in strange places at the moment.

All my plants arrived on Tuesday and as I wasn't feeling well they were dumped into tubs of rainwater to await the forthcoming weekend.

Plants - tick (A list of plant species is here)
Planting bags - tick
Overgrow mats - tick (you'll see)
Aquatic soil - tick
Washed gravel - tick
Lots more pebbles - tick

All ready to go at the weekend

After the weekend...

The plants are all in

The rocks have all been aranged

The over-the-edge mats have the bottom two layers planted - under water plants and bog plants with just their feet in the water

The pond is now a lovely shade of green and matches the lawn exactly

The overnight rain allows the rocks show up their different colours and the stirred  up sediment has settled, clearing the water slightly

One more thing to do now and that's to plant the top layer of the planting mats with the out-of-the-water plants. Oh and get some of those lovely red ramshorn pond snails :o) 

June 2013

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