I've named it Tiny. It's My Newt!

It's worked!!
I am hugely happy. Yesterday evening (6th May 2014) I spotted a newt in the pond. It was probably a smooth newt and looked nearly fully grown in size but still had gills. If there's one there's likely to be more...

The work I've done in the garden means they also have somewhere to live when they're not breeding (log piles, damp corners where the sun don't shine, thickly planted borders) - and a nice snug home to overwinter in.

I am so, so excited by this :-D

26th May
A couple of days ago I saw two together that both seemed to be female, although it wasn't too easy to tell if one had been  male. Today I have managed to confirm the presence of a male newt so I have at least a male and a female, maybe a male and two females, or even possibly more than that

28th May
Definitely at least three - I saw three all together this morning; one male, one female and annoyingly, one that I still cant get a good enough look at to decide

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